Saturday, February 13, 2016

Weekend Cooking

I haven't gotten much done yet, but it's supposed to be cold and snowy tomorrow so I should have lots of time to cook and bake - while cleaning and doing laundry. 

I made the chicken in the crockpot on Thursday for dinner. That was lunch on Friday. What did I have for dinner last night? Oh, boxed mac and cheese. I had a lazy morning before heading off to work for a half day. But I made an open faced egg sandwich - eggs with ham and cheese on english muffins. Tonight I made a quick red beans and rice. I don't really have a recipe. I combined about three. But, basically, sauté celery and onions in a bit of oil with red pepper, black pepper, and salt (I didn't have green pepper). I had half a turkey sausage in the freezer - sliced that in to half rounds and added it to the pan once the veggies were soft. It was getting a little dry so I added a bit of water. Then a bit of garlic and two cans of drained, rinsed red beans and two bay leaves and more water and let it simmer for a bit. I added water a few times. But, it didn't taste quite right so I started looking at other recipes. I ended up adding some oregano, paprika, worcestershire sauce and hot sauce. Then it tasted much better. Mush up some of the beans to thicken it up. Good, easy, and warm on a cold day. 

The plans for tomorrow. I think pizza dough. I really wanted pizza tonight, but didn't want to wait for the dough by the time I got home. I want to try the oatmeal bread from a few weeks ago without the honey topping. Last weekend I went to Aldi and they had whole wheat flour on sale for $1.49 a bag (it's closer to $4 everywhere else!) so I bought two bags. I might make either whole wheat pizza dough or another bread. Not sure what to do for actual food. I have more chicken in the freezer so maybe another crockpot recipe. And I still want to make tamales.

Tune in tomorrow to see what happens....

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